So, here we look at trying to get the presenters interacting with listeners and the utilities available.

If you are not that bothered about creating a relationship please just skip this page. You are not obliged to use the facilities and neither will make an impact within Bexhill Radio.

So, first of all…..


You will have been given or offered a Bexhill Radio email address when you first joined. The use of a Bexhill Radio email account gives a lot more of a slick and professional look and, after problems at the inset, offer easy access.

To access your email simply visit  

Just log in using the details provided to you. If you do not have an account and would like one, please contact me.



We have a WHATSAPP account linked to the website. All messages come through directly to Bexhill Mansions and passed to the relevant presenter.


There is a chat facility on the website which is available to anyone who wants to use it. It is user friendly, collects no data but has a decent amount of tools attached to create a positive experience, To use the chat facility while broadcasting live will need you to monitor the chat whilst broadcasting.




We now have a sister site at

Using new tools, plugins and a higher level of security the site has been built as our own social media platform and library.

All shows from 02/01/2023 will be uploaded to the site and listed under the relevant presenter. From the main page click on the desired presenter to access their library. This can be freely shared as a non membership feature.



Our Social Media is now set up but will remain an ongoing project. 

As a presenter of Bexhill Radio you will be granted full administration of your own group where you can post, share and pretty much anything else you require. If you find something that you need and isn’t available then please let me know and I will do my best to make it happen.

Access to your group will need you to sign up to the site. Please follow the ‘Join Up – Join In’ link in the main menu. Following your registration I will contact you when full admin access has been applied. The platform is along the lines of FB etc but, in my opinion, a lot slicker and user friendly. Again, if you do not want to use this facility just let me know….it’s a tool for you to use if you so want.


To visit the groups page simply follow the ‘GROUPS’ link in the main menu.

Once in the group, as admin, click manage to open the different utilities available to you. Each group has its own activity stream which serves as a live chat facility in real time. Users can post in several different formats including photo’s and video’s but also music etc. There really is far to much in there for me to type and the easiest way forwards is for you to get over there and take a poke around.

It will be a long slog to make this work and will only succeed by promotion, promotion, promotion and PROMOTION


There are lots more features coming around the corner once we make this work so come on folks. I believe this is a massive positive step forwards and will bring even bigger success than we’ve reached already.


Questions? Ask Willy!