New Uploads


So a few of you have been asking for info regarding our ‘From The Vault’ which has been impossible to maintain due to Mixcloud changing their account settings. I haven’t been lazy but it has taken me quite a while to find a program and hack the software to suit the need.

Below are the settings and how to. It’s not complicated and a standard 1 hour show takes approx 3 minutes to upload.

I would like to include ALL Bexhill shows which will help me reduce the servers usage and stop recording totally. Moving forwards I would like to use this as our own file transfer system which would cut out emails & WeTransfer etc.


To login to The Vault please visit which will bring you to the page illustrated opposite.


Simply fill out the form using the info below.


This will automatically send you to the home page of


In your browser please visit

Will PWill1234

Once you arrive at the Upload Page you are faced with this scary looking object but panic ye’ not!! Tis all so simple even I could do it!

You are faced with 2 panes and they both mean exactly the same = NOTHING! All the folders and apps are empty. Usually this would be your section of a file transfer system but you can forget all of it except for the little arrow which I have circled in White for you.


After clicking on the arrow a new prompt screen will pop up.

Click file or folder to navigate to the file you are wishing to upload & the system will upload and verify the contents.

Once the system has carried out it’s checks etc you can right click the file to open/ preview it.

Once happy that everything is good please log out as it slows the system down terribly.



Now that your file is uploaded all I need to do is copy the address of the file straight into your own page and taa daa, it’s done!